Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Delhi, India

When true love comes your way, cherish it, capture it and freeze it for a lifetime!

Nothing has spread more like wildfire in the wedding industry than pre-wedding photoshoot. A trend that saw an upward curve in 2018 is here to stay in 2019 as well. Pre-wedding photoshoot is one of the hottest trends in wedding photography as more and more couples want their love for each other to be retold through pictures. It allows the couples to flaunt their beautiful wedding outfits, pick their favorite photshoot poses, romance at a gorgeous location away from the hustle and bustle and what not? Hence all the popularity! Subodh Bajpai Photography is in the business of capturing these romantic and fairytale like movements and turning them into memories that you can revisit all through your life. We as best pre wedding photographers in Delhi-NCR consider ourselves to be artists who capture the meaning of life, love and togetherness through our magical lens. We take immense joy in being the storytellers for these romantic spirits.

pre wedding photography

Pre-wedding Photoshoot adds a unique touch to your wedding album

“Love stories are like fingerprints; each one is unique and each one is beautiful!”

We truly believe that every pre-wedding photography that we do proves this. The shy and conservative coples of the times gone by are now being replaced with couples who are more open minded. The younger generation is far more open to the idea of expressing their love for their soulmate. Thanks to the influence of the western world and the free thinking spirit that younger generations have, couples desire to be a part of a romantic photoshoot. Pre Wedding shoot is an opportunity to make a romantic dream come true where the couples literally feel like the stars of the moment.

While the wedding shoots are more formal and surrounded by family, a pre-wedding shoot is where the couples get the freedom to express their emotions. A professional photographer in Delhi, India, a special location with beautiful props, dream like settings and most gorgeous outfits make pre-wedding shoots so special for the couple. Subodh Bajpai Photography comprises the best pre-wedding photographers in Delhi that understand the trend to its core and strives to work with the couples to help them have the most romantic pre-wedding photoshoot that they can dream of.

Why Subodh Bajpai Photography for your pre-wedding photoshoot?

Falling in love with someone is the most beautiful phase! We at Subodh Photography let you completely own this moment with your life partner and freeze them in a pre-wedding shoot. Our pre-wedding photographers bring you some of the hottest trends of pre-wedding photoshoot. Right from using much liked frames to using props which add a quirk to the pre-wedding photographs, we excel in all styles of pre-wedding photography. From umbrellas to guitars, there are various props which add to overall story behind the pictures. We at Subodh make the best use of each one to add to the fun and excitement.

pre wedding photoshoot

Pre-wedding days are a path filled with elation, joy, love, compassion and myriad forms of ecstasy. Thus it is no wonder why so many modern couples are investing a lot of time and money into pre-wedding photography and ensuring that all these moments, are captured indelibly for a lifetime. We at Subodh are a team of seasoned pre-wedding photographers in Delhi who possess advanced techniques of capturing authentic love filled expressions. So that you truly connect with your partner in all those pre wedding shots.

In a nutshell, pre wedding shoots announce your love to the world at large with an epic photoshoot. A lot more thinking and creativity goes into capturing this unique bond. We take time to understand the personalities of the couples in love and thus come up with the most suitable and cool poses, prop ideas and trends that will match your personality. Besides a professional approach and attention to details, our team is approachable and friendly which makes the soon-to-be-hitched couples much comfortable in front of the camera. At Subodh, we believe it's about the experiences as well and not just the photography.