Cinematic Wedding Films

Make way for the biggest trend in Wedding Photography - Cinematic Wedding Films! Who needs a blurred selfie or a shaky group photo when you can cover it all in a video, the Bollywood style! Weddings are such grand celebrations of binding two loving hearts together with waves of love, good wishes and fun sweeping them off their feet. Subodh Bajpai Photography brings you lifelike Cinematic Wedding Films to cover your wedding in the most exuberant manner.

What makes Cinematic Wedding Films unique?

Indian weddings are much more than beautiful decorations, lavish buffet menu and incessant entertainment. Besides being a union of two hearts that beat for each other, they comprise of rituals and traditions, culture, a lifetime commitment between the families, heart wrenching emotions and most importantly, a beautiful story of it all. Be it an elaborate festive wedding, big fat Indian wedding or a simple yet elegant wedding ceremony, every story is special, PERFECT and needs to be captured perfectly! That's when cinematic wedding films do their magic and capture the entire occasion in a unique and empowering manner.

What makes us the best choice for Cinematic Wedding Films?

A cinematic wedding film is nothing but a beautiful way to remember your special day! To add to the fun and drama, an artistic Bollywood style cinematic wedding film can leave everyone completely speechless! We at Subodh Bajpai Photography are passionate about capturing the emotions, the people, and the magical moments of the bride and the groom in a lifelike video. Blessed with a seasoned team of experienced videographers and true artists, we are delivering exceptional cinematic wedding films that will end up being the most important and cherished thing to you post-wedding. As we flawlessly blend every detail and emotion of your big day and your story into a video, we certainly go beyond your expectations.