Candid Wedding Photography

Subodh Bajpai Photography is a leader in Candid wedding photography. Candid photographs capture the real and raw emotions that truly are the charm of every wedding. They capture the essence of the event and not merely the picture. The modern day couples are welcoming the candid style of photography with all their heart because it captures not just their moments but also the soul of the moment. We are one of the most noted candid photographers in India having a penchant for clicking true and awesome candid images.

Candid Wedding Photoshoot

Why Candid Wedding Photography is Trending?

If there is one occasion that is overflowing with emotions, it has to be a wedding. Everybody present at the wedding is thoroughly enjoying the moment and that's the perfect place to capture some fabulous candid photographs. What makes candid pictures amazing is the fact that the one being clicked is completely unaware of being photographed. No pretence, no poses, no awkwardness, no shyness, no fake smiles! The result is an all natural and beautiful photographs turning some of the most natural moments of a wedding into great memories. Today candid photography is one of the hottest trends in wedding photography because it captures everyone in a comfortable and relaxing environment during a wedding. They don’t have to worry about acting “right”- smile well, pose gracefully or look photogenic enough. The absence of any such pressure automatically creates some stunningly genuine moments and expressions that make marvellous photographs.

Candid Photography

As one of the top candid photographers we believe in the beauty of spontaneous moments that contain a burst of emotions. When at a wedding venue, we seek those small moments that are little gems of a wedding. Besides the vibrant celebrations, we capture a wide range of emotions, details of the attire and jewellery, the fabulous clothes, the delicious food, the attractive décor, the details of the ceremony and much much more. From the wedding rings to the wedding attires, from a rolling tears of joy to a sparkling smile, from a fun dance step to a hopping child, from a plate of meals to a bouquet of flowers- everything that is beautiful and worthy of being treasured will find its way into our candid wedding album.

Candid Wedding Photography

Why Subodh Bajpai

Subodh Bajpai photography is one of the best candid wedding photographers in India. Every client that we render our services to is precious to us and we would not let even one single candid moment slip away without being framed. We respect and celebrate individuality and originality every wedding, putting our heart and soul into our job. Our USP is that we keep the fun quotient alive while we capture the people and their moments in their uncontrived forms. Our team believes in capturing raw and spontaneous acts in a flawless manner because the smallest moments of life are made priceless only when they are captured in their most impromptu, informal and unposed form! Our photographers are highly skilled and creative to catch every emotion of excitement, quirk, joy, mischief and love that a formal photograph may easily skip. Driven by passion and determination our candid photographers capture a wedding in the most comprehensive manner. We employ all our experience and expertise to be well prepared for those candid moments and capture them while maintaining their originality. As you are gearing up for the big day of your life, be assured that we will be behind the lens capturing all for you to treasure for a lifetime. A wedding album is never complete without those stunning candid photographs and you can trust us to capture the most precious ones.